Our Schools and Communities

Wiphan Nkwazi

Wiphan's first school was originally an old tavern which the ministry purchased and renovated. Today the Wiphan Nkwazi campus has four classrooms, a great hall, administrative offices for the ministry, a kitchen, bathrooms, the Data Entry Center, running water and electricity. The Hospitality Skills Training  and Computer Keyboard Training programs also meet on this campus.

Wiphan Mapalo

Wiphan's second school is located in  the Mapalo compound approximately one mile from the Nkwazi campus.  The Wiphan Mapalo facility was built to be used as a school and is similar to the traditional government school buildings in Zambia. It has 4 classrooms, 2 administrative offices, bathroom facilities, running water and electricity. It also has a large soccer pitch and community water pump used by the community for soccer games and access to clean water. 

Wiphan Westbourne

 Wiphan began operating Westbourne in 2014 through a partnership with an existing Ndola ministry and foundation,  Lifespring. The founders and their original supporters  still take an active interest in the activities of the school and many have become child sponsors. This school has 7 classrooms, 2 administrative offices, a kitchen, community room, library, bathrooms, running water, electricity and a playground.

Secondary School Education

For many children in Africa, formal education ends in the 7th grade. Wiphan encourages the 7th grade  graduates of Wiphan to continue their education by paying the secondary school fees to local government schools for any student who desires to continue their education. The Inshila Program, Wiphan's Secondary School Support Program, is designed to provide discipleship and accountability for these students, many who do not receive encouragement to stay in school from their caregivers.