Skills Training Programs

Wiphan offers widows and orphans (18 years and older) the opportunity to receive training in jewelry crafting, hospitality or computer keyboarding. Trainees are residents of the compounds, many without a secondary school education or work experience.  While in the training programs, they learn  skills needed for employment and are introduced to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Although Zambia has a 50% unemployment rate, potential employees with job skills are in high demand. After graduating from Wiphan, the majority of the students are employed in legitimate jobs and have the opportunity to support themselves and their families. The cycle of poverty is broken.



Gertrude Kungula, Hospitality Skills Instructor, has developed the Hospitality Skills Training Program for Wiphan beyond the original vision of teaching widows to bake pies. Under her direction, widows and older orphans learn every facet of the Hotel/Lodge Industry in Zambia. During the first nine months of classwork, the ladies have hands-on training in food preparation, front desk procedures, housekeeping, hotel management, customer service and employee relations skills. Once classroom instruction is completed, the students work as unpaid interns in lodges throughout Zambia before returning to Wiphan for final exams. Over 90% of graduates from the Hospitality Skills Programs become employed in Zambia's hospitality industry.




Veronica Kangwa, Computer Keyboarding Instructor, introduces her students to computers and trains her students to type 50+ words per minute  during the 6 month program. They become familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, email, the internet and data entry procedures.  For many of her students, it is the first time they have consistent access to a computer.  Graduates are eligible to be hired at Wiphan's Data Enter Center or in the business community of Ndola. More than 120 widows and older orphans (18+) complete the Computer Keyboarding Training each year.




Justin Samba, Jewelry Skills Instructor, is also an artist and small business owner. He teaches Wiphan's course in paper bead and natural seed jewelry design and production. During the training he  shares his business expertise by teaching the ladies the principles of material costs, profit, loss, marketing and sales. The goal is for each of the graduates to be able to produce and sell their creations in their own small business. In addition to jewelry design and business principles, Justin incorporates a weekly Bible study, basic English lessons and personal financial management into the curriculum.