Sustainability Initiative

In 2011, Wiphan partnered with a group of local Atlanta Christian businessmen (Venture) who invested in a pilot project to determine if computer keyboarding training would be a viable addition to the existing Wiphan Skills Training Programs. The pilot successfully proved that women, with no prior computer knowledge or experience, could learn and master keyboarding.  After the pilot project , the vision grew to have a facility to employ the graduates. In 2012, the Sister Project in San Antonio, Texas partnered with Wiphan to construct the current Data Entry Center. Today, the center employs 60 women full-time, processing data entry work contracted from the US. These graduates of the Keyboarding Skills Training Program support themselves and their households (typically 4-6 adults and children) with a respectful, legitimate and dependable source of income. The revenue from the Data Entry operations is re-invested in the care of widows and orphans providing 32% of the required operating expenses for the ministry.