Sustainability Initiatives


In 2011, Wiphan partnered with a group of local Atlanta Christian businessmen  who invested in a pilot project to determine if computer keyboarding training would be a viable addition to the existing Wiphan Skills Training Programs. The pilot successfully proved that women and older orphans (18 yrs and older), with no prior computer knowledge or experience, could learn and master keyboarding and computer skills.  After the pilot project , the vision grew to have a facility to employ the graduates. In 2012, the Sister Project in San Antonio, Texas partnered with Wiphan to construct the current Data Entry Center. Today, the center employs 60 people full-time, processing data entry and quality assurance work from the US. These employees support themselves and their households ( typically 4-6 adults and children) with a respectful, legitimate and dependable source of income.

Business people looking for  Kingdom Purpose for their company can contract with Wiphan to outsource  their data entry or quality assurance needs. Current clients include legal firms, medical practices, schools and other organizations which require paper files to be digitized or QA testing. The proceeds from the Data Entry operations is re-invested in the care of widows and orphans providing 32% of the required operating expenses for Wiphan.

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Lifespring Lodge is a beautifully landscaped one-of-a-kind lodge situated on 20 acres overlooking a banana grove only 15 minutes from the Ndola airport. The lodge has 12 well-appointed rooms available for short or long-term stays perfect for individuals, families, corporate travelers, ministries, mission teams or missionary respite.  Amenities include outside grill/brie, fire pit, pool table, table tennis, swimming pool, volleyball, basketball hoop, darts, horseshoes and bicycles.  Breakfast and dinner are served upon request. Restaurants and a grocery store are conveniently located at the Jacaranda Mall, a 10 minute drive from the Lodge. Lifespring Lodge is a self-sustaining operation. Profits are re-invested in the Wiphan Hospitality program, which provides skilled and  trained employees for the Lodge.  For more information or to make a reservation email



Hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind creations are made by widows who have graduated from the Jewelry Skills Program.  Each woman uses locally available materials, including paper and natural seeds, to create stunning pieces of jewelry.  As potential entrepreneurs, the ladies  learn basic business principles, including supply and demand, merchandising, budgeting and quality control.  Their jewelry is showcased in an an outside boutique on a main road in Ndola, where tourists can purchase the jewelry and meet the woman who crafted it.  With the skills they acquire in the program, women are able to earn a legitimate income to support themselves and their families.  Their success in mastering  jewelry making builds their self-confidence and earns them the respect of their community.

Wiphan's Jewelry Skills Program is 100% self-sustaining. Widows tithe pieces of their jewelry for Wiphan to sell to help cover the cost of the program. The fair trade jewelry is also imported and sold in the US to retail boutiques and organizations.   Schools, churches, women's group, nonprofits, medical offices etc. committed to  kingdom purpose give  jewelry as  volunteer, employee and customer appreciation gifts or use as fundraisers.   Custom-designed bracelets, necklaces or ornaments are available in quantities of 100+ pieces at wholesale prices.  Contact to see what Wiphan can do for you.